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THY Burn Balm
    THY Burn Balm
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    THY Burn Balm Description

    Thy Comforter provides faster relief from sunburn discomfort and faster recovery. Like Redeemer, Comforter quickens your body’s adaptation to harsh environmental overburden. This soothing, all-natural lotion helps relieve pain, and unlike aloe, will not suck the moisture out of your skin or leave it feeling sticky. The balm facilitates dozens of biochemical cascades that your body uses for healing from any insult and provides natural results and genuine comfort. Don’t get burned by Big Sunscreen When your skin is burned the last thing you want to do is apply chemically-laced lotions that only try to mask the pain. Thy Comforter’s plant-based essential oils penetrate deep into your skin providing natural healing and soothing relief in an amazingly short amount of time. How to use: Apply Comforter to burns and insults on the skin that are not deep or that do not require closure. Benefits: Comforter absorbs deep into your skin carrying all-natural essential oils that bring soothing relief to burns. Thy Comforter Burn Balm is for use if you’ve been overexposed to the sun and need natural relief from the discomfort of sunburn. Thy Comforter, like Redeemer, will quicken your body’s adaptation to harsh environmental overburden. How are Thy products sourced, tested and formulated? The inventor of Thy products is a registered pharmacist who transferred process technology and developed intellectual property from the pharmaceutical industry to the cosmetic industry. Thy products are intelligently engineered using such technologies as multilamellar nanoemulsion ingredients and processes to produce results like SEDDS (Self-Assembling Drug Delivery Systems). Our products do not contain any drugs, we just borrowed the technology. The science of just one ingredient represents 2122 validated scientific research papers that span 7 decades of interest from scientists around the world. These scientists could not figure out how to use this ingredient. We did. Hint, you probably consume this ingredient in your food every day. It does not benefit you because your body does not adequately absorb it. Are your products made in the U.S.? Yes, all of our products are naturally sourced and formulated in the United States. We source the best ingredients from around the world, wherever we can find them. These ingredients must have a Certificate of Analysis before we can accept them. On occasion, we have had to refuse ingredients sourced in the United States because they did not meet our stringent standards.

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