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Since 2002, Essense of Life™ continues to carry an extensive line of high quality dietary supplements, including minerals, health packages, nutrition products, specialty products, skincare products, equipment, enzymes, and pet products. All of our products are designed to be used in conjunction with an alkalizing diet and lifestyle change. Our mineral dietary supplements are in liquid ionic format, which have a very small particle size that allows for easy and rapid absorption.

Our focus has always been on educating our customers about the value of diet and nutrition so that they are better able to take the responsibility for their health into their own hands. For this reason, our site provides a wide range of informative articles and research related to a variety of natural health and nutrition topics that we are sure you will find very valuable in your own health quest.

What is the Essense of Life™? This is My Story…

I have been involved over the years in several near fatal accidents, from the time I was a teenager to now, leaving me with pain and arthritis from various old injuries. Based on my own past experiences, and the many articles I have read written by scientists and doctors, I saw that my body needed an outside source of minerals and vitamins, since I wasn't getting what I needed from the food I ate. And, I learned that most of the minerals and vitamins on the market, which are in pill, capsule, or colloidal/chelated form, cannot be easily absorbed by the body's cells because of their large particle size. The body will just flush out what it cannot use, or worse, deposit particles that are too large to be absorbed in other areas of the body, contributing to kidney stones, bone spurs and more. Pretty expensive "flush" I'd say. See, if the minerals are not in a form our body can use, then they are not doing us any good. For example, take a 16 penny nail. It is made of iron, but if we put the nail in our mouth and suck on it, we are not going to benefit from the iron in it. It is not in a soluble form our body can assimilate into its cells.

Then I found out about water soluble ionic minerals and vitamins. I decided to give them a try and I found that it made an unbelievable difference in the way I felt, handled pain, and managed my weight. I started thinking about the importance of the relationship between minerals/vitamins and our bodies.

See, our body can be compared to a very high class, advanced automobile. That's right, an auto, complete with high octane fuel requirements (food), an automatic internal diagnostic repair system (immune system), an electrical system (nerves), a cooling system (circulatory system), and a central processing unit/computer (brain). All these systems need certain things to operate smoothly. As we grow, certain things start happening to our vehicle, our body. Repairs are needed due to the improper fuel intake. So we go to the doctor and he prescribes a medicine to help, but this is only a patch to the system, not a fix. In order for a complete fix, we must give our system a chance to repair itself, and it cannot do that without the proper tools (minerals and vitamins). If you are willing to take care of your car, shouldn't you be willing to do the same maintenance on your own natural life-giving vehicle?

These substances that our bodies need to survive are the essence of life: without them we would be dead. We get this essence from what we eat. Even if we cannot see it, our body is expecting it to be there. WE NEED MINERALS AND VITAMINS TO LIVE! Sure, you are getting some of them in the food you eat, but not as much as your system needs, and if they are not in a form that your body can use, they cannot be readily absorbed. Essence of Life = Minerals and Vitamins = Makes Sense. It's just that simple.

I started this website to inform and educate others on what I had learned about improving health with minerals, vitamins, and other dietary supplements. I think your health is worth it. I know mine is. This is a decision that only you can make. Read through the website and educate yourself on what others are doing to help themselves to stay healthy. You must be willing to try for at least 90 days to get the best response. This is working for many other people. You should be one of them. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Author: Larry - Founder of Essense of Life™
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