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THY Basal Relief
    THY Basal Relief
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      THY Basal Relief new

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      • All natural essential oil blend
      • .09 ounces / 2.5 mL
      • 1 drop per serving
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    Spotless results without surgery! Avoid costly and painful surgery that can often scar your skin.

    THY Basal Relief Description

    THY Basal Relief is a plant-based naturally formulated topical essential oil for the treatment and healing of topical cell damage caused by overexposure to the sun. Current treatment options for unhealthy topical cell formations are limited and can be both costly and painful.

    Heal Naturally, Like It Never Happened

    This all-natural essential oil rejuvenates like no other products on the market today. THY Basal Relief is up to 18 times more potent than the leading competitors’ cosmetic products, providing speedier and more complete results. The all natural ingredients in THY Basal Relief have shown benefits for the rejuvenation of unhealthy surface epidermal layers of the skin, providing speedier and more complete results with no scars.

    Thymoquinone: The Magic Ingredient

    The name THY is derived from thymoquinone. Thymoquinone is an antioxidant-rich extract found in Monarda fistulosa, a perennial plant. Monarda fistulosa plant extract works synergistically with the body to heal naturally.

    How Do I Use THY Basal Relief?

    One drop of THY Basal Relief should cover a sufficient area for the purpose you so desire. Drops on a bandage pad may be left in place until it naturally falls off. Initial contact may cause a mild burning sensation that will subside quickly. Redness or puffiness in the applied area is expected as the abnormal area is gradually erased. You may also use soap and water on the treated areas. Apply no more than 3 times daily.

    A waterproof bandage keeps THY Basal Relief from staining clothes. The bandage should be removed after 3 days. When the skin heals it often itches – this is normal. Healing skin usually takes 10 to 14 days. Complete rejuvenation may take a couple of months if applying to sensitive areas. Bandage changes and cessation of treatment are up to the discretion of the individual or the instruction of a health care provider specialist. In very sensitive areas and areas where a bandage is not feasible, just use a very, very small drop on the area every day. This product is not to be used in the eyes or ears.

    A cap and a dropper have been supplied for your convenience. Use the cap for long-term storage – more than a couple of weeks. Store in the box provided so as not to lose either the cap or the dropper. THY Basal Relief has an earthy pleasant aroma reminiscent of herb or oregano fragrance.

    How are THY Products Sourced, Tested, and Formulated?

    The inventor of THY products is a registered pharmacist who transferred process technology and developed intellectual property from the pharmaceutical industry to the cosmetic industry. Thy products are intelligently engineered using such technologies as multilamellar nanoemulsion ingredients and processes to produce results like SEDDS (Self-Assembling Drug Delivery Systems). Our products do not contain any drugs, we just borrowed the technology.

    The science of just one ingredient represents 2122 validated scientific research papers that span 7 decades of interest from scientists around the world. These scientists could not figure out how to use this ingredient. We did. Hint, you probably consume this ingredient in your food every day. It does not benefit you because your body does not adequately absorb it.

    Are Your Products Made in the USA?

    Yes, all THY products are naturally sourced and formulated in the United States. We source the best ingredients from around the world, wherever we can find them. These ingredients must have a Certificate of Analysis before we can accept them. On occasion, we have had to refuse ingredients sourced in the United States because they did not meet our stringent standards.

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