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Indium Health Topic
    Indium Health Topic
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    Indium Health Topic

    Indium is an essential trace mineral. Trace minerals are those that cannot be produced in the body, but are still essential for health, and are usually acquired in sufficient amounts in the foods we eat.

    Note: encourages personal research and a balanced view of health and nutrition topics. The links below provide a broad overview of various research findings and hypothesis on the role of nutrition in health. This information is not intended to promote any particular product. Unless noted, the articles below do not include any scientific references.

    Learn More About Indium

    1. Interactions of Trace Metals in Mouse and Rat Tissues

      In mice the greatest effects occurred when indium and rhodium were fed, all four essential trace metals exhibiting raised levels principally in kidney but also in heart and spleen. From these data it is apparent that the ingestion of a nonessential metal can enhance the retention of an essential trace metal, perhaps thus avoiding toxicity from the nonessential one.


    2. Patent for Oral Ingestion of Indium

      This invention relates to the use of indium and its absorbable compounds in trace amounts administered orally for the normalization and/or enhancement of the activity of the thyroid gland and an increased detoxification rate of the liver. Indium, as a supplement, is quite similar to the essential trace elements in that it has a rather narrow "concentration window". Above the window, undesirable side effects are realized. The indium interacts with the body's metabolism by normalizing and/or enhancing the glandular feedback controls of the thyroid gland.


    3. Patent for Methods for Administering Nutritional Indium

      A method of administering a Generally Accepted As Safe (GRAS) indium compound, preferably indium sulfate mixed with distilled water.

    4. The Anti-Aging, Health-Promoting Miracle: Indium: Let Indium Turn Back Your Biological Clock

      Out-of-print book.

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