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The Cancer Cure That Worked
    The Cancer Cure That Worked
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    The Cancer Cure That Worked Description

    The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression
    This startling book provides detailed account of Rife's inventions and discoveries and documents events from 1913 to the time of Rife's death in 1972. Rife was a skilled optical engineer and technician who, in the 1920's, built an extremely powerful microscope which enabled him to view the living viruses — a feat our modern, high-powered electron microscopes still cannot do.

    Using this Universal Microscope which he invented, he observed cancer viruses as they changed their size and form. He discovered that exposing a virus to its resonant frequency killed it quickly. Years of experimentation led to Rife's invention of the Rife Frequency Instrument, a device that produced the exact frequencies needed to destroy various viruses.

    In 1934 at the clinic in California, diseased people were exposed to the exact same frequencies that had been seen (through the microscope) to destroy the virus causing their illness. Treatments lasted only three minutes. Unlike the chemotherapy treatments currently in use, Rife's therapy was effective and engendered no adverse symptoms.

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