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Energy Plus Dietary Supplement
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Energy Plus   exclusive

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  • Dietary Supplement
  • Professional strength powder
  • 300 gram container
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon serving size
  • 200 servings per container
  • Contains a blend of Peak ATP®, D-ribose, and malic acid

Energy Plus Description

All new ATP supplement with Peak ATP®. Energy Plus is a dietary supplement blend in powder from. Each serving of ATP Plus supplement contains 750 mg of Peak ATP®, 650 milligrams of D-ribose, and 100 milligrams of malic acid.

Energy Plus contains no added colors or flavors. No animal testing or animal by-products.

Health Topic Library

Ideally, ATP, the body's primary energy source, is produced from the breakdown of food through aerobic oxidation (in the presence of oxygen), creating about 30 molecules of ATP per molecule of glucose. During times of high energy usage, the body can switch to anaerobic glycolosis (without oxygen), but in this state, it can only produce 2 molecules of ATP per molecule of glucose. Lactic acid, a by-product of glucose breakdown, can be anaerobically converted back into glucose by the liver, but this process is very energy consuming. Cancer cells, because of their faulty energy metabolism and high energy needs, can quickly deplete the body's store of ATP.

D-ribose is a naturally occurring sugar that the body uses to generate ATP, its primary source of energy. The body can produce its own ribose, but during high energy usage, it cannot be generated fast enough to quickly restore energy levels once they are depleted.

Malic Acid is what give fruit its tart taste. It is an important part of the Krebs cycle, necessary for ATP production.

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