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pH Therapy Packages

Essense of Life offers a comprehensive selection of pH therapy packages designed with pH therapy support in mind. Our health packages contain a hand-selected assortment of quality products in the most absorbable form for easy digestion and assimilation. We offer several options tailored to specific needs. Whether you are looking for a specific pH therapy option, needing pH diet support, or just interested in maintaining good health, Essense of Life has the right package for you. Please call us for personal assistance.

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Select pH Therapy Packages

pH Therapy: Basic Package 1
pH Therapy: Basic Package 2
pH Therapy: Basic Package 3
pH Therapy: Silica Package
pH Therapy: Max Package
pH Therapy: Silica Plus Package
pH Therapy: Max Plus Package
pH Therapy: Pet Basic Package

Compare pH Therapy Packages

  Basic #1 Basic #2 Basic #3 Silica Max Silica Plus Max Plus
10Zymes Enzymes      
Alkaline Food Chart    
AO2 Aerobic Oxygen
Calcium Magnesium          
Cesium Chloride
DMSO (30% Aloe)  
Essense Health Blend    
Germanium Concentrate          
Germanium Plus          
Hemp Protein        
Indium Concentrate      
Lithium Concentrate          
Molybdenum Concentrate      
Phosphorus Concentrate          
Potassium Max ••
Rubidium Concentrate          
Rubidium Max          
Selenium Concentrate      
Strontium Max          
Vanadium Concentrate      
  Basic #1 Basic #2 Basic #3 Silica Max Silica Plus Max Plus