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  • Full color laminated 9-page chart
  • Alkaline/Acidic values for 300+ foods
  • Includes refrigerator magnet
  • Includes $15 in Coupons!
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Alkaline Food Chart Description

The Essense-of-Life Alkaline-Balance Target Diet Food Chart is a great reference for those using High pH Therapy and for those starting an alkalizing diet to improve their health.

Healthy eating involves increasing the amount of fresh organic vegetables and fruits in your diet, eating raw whenever possible. Vegetables and fruits are the most alkaline of foods. Include more high-alkaline foods in your diet to balance your intake of any acid-forming foods such as meat, fish, dairy, nuts, and grains. Keeping that balance is the goal of an alkaline diet.

The words "alkaline or alkalizing" and "acidic or acidifying" represent the food's effect on the body after digestion, not the actual pH value of the food itself. The PRAL formula was designed to quantify this effect. It is a scientific way to measure the potential renal acid load of any food based on the protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium content of a 100 gram (3.5 oz.) serving. Negative (-) numbers are good numbers and indicate the potential alkalinity being contributed by a base-forming food. Positive (+) numbers indicate the potential acidity being contributed by an acid-forming food.

The Alkaline Food Chart package includes:
— Alkaline and Acidic PRAL Food Values
— Over 300 Foods in 5 Categories
— Full-Color Laminated 9-Page Chart
— Refrigerator Magnet: Foods to Eat / Foods to Avoid
— Daily Log Sheets for Tracking Diet Changes
— Potassium-Rich Foods Chart
— High-Tyramine Foods List<
— Bonus: Includes $15 in Coupons

Health Topic Library

Everything we eat affects the health and well-being of our body. Improving our diet can actually improve our health. The foods we eat can have an alkalizing or acidifying effect on the body after digestion. When nutritionists talk about acid- or alkaline-forming foods, they are referring to the condition of the food after ingestion, and not to the pH level of the food itself. The net acid-forming load a food exerts on the body can be measured using a scientific formula called PRAL (potential renal acid load).

Vegetables and fruits are the most alkalizing foods, and should be at the core of any healthy diet change. The standard American diet based around meat, dairy, and grains is full of acid-forming foods. Eating alkaline-forming foods can balance out the intake of excess acids and help flush them from the body. Any excess of acids in the body create unnecessary work your body's buffering systems and the overload can affect your health.

The body has three major mechanisms (buffering systems) that prevent dietary and metabolic acids from shifting the pH of the cells and blood outside of the narrow range needed for optimum function. A pH balancing act is continuously going on to maintain homeostasis. Too much acid in the body leads to acidosis, whereas high alkalinity in the body is referred to as alkalosis. Since many of the enzymes necessary for facilitating metabolic reactions only operate within very specific pH ranges, any acid-base homeostasis imbalances can lead to a range of malfunctions and degenerative diseases.

High pH therapy focuses on using a combined nutrition and supplement approach to balance body pH by reducing the load on the overworked buffering system. The alkaline diet focus of pH therapy is of particular importance for those needing intense nutritional support when dealing with major health challenges.

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