Bone and Joint Health Package Dietary Supplement
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Bone and Joint Health Package

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  • Dietary Supplement

  • This package contains 7 related products
  • Serving size varies with product
  • Designed to be used with an alkaline diet

Bone and Joint Health Package Description

Diet and nutrition is very important when you are trying strengthen and protect weakened bone, cartilage, and connective tissues. Studies have shown that diet, exercise and nutrition can improve bone density and overall tissue health. The Bone and Joint Health Package contains seven high quality nutritional supplements designed to be used along with a healthy alkaline diet and exercise.

The Bone and Joint Support contains the following:
— Boron Concentrate: in the body, the highest concentration of boron is in bone tissue
— Magnesium Max: magnesium is important for calcium absorption in the body
— Essense Health Blend: contains over 45 different minerals, vitamins, enzymes
— MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): plays a role in connective tissue health
— Phosphorus Concentrate: phosphorus is a major structural component of bone
— Silica: in the body, the highest concentration of silicon is in cartilage and bone tissue
— Strontium Max: strontium behaves similarly to calcium in the body
Package Includes: Boron Concentrate, Essense Health Blend, Magnesium Max, MSM, Phosphorus Concentrate, Silica, and Strontium Max.

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