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QRS 101 Home System Dietary Supplement
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QRS 101 Home System

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  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) system for in-home use
  • Includes mat and pad applicators
    Free ground shipping within the continental US (48 states)
    Limited Special: Includes Free Pen Applicator
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Rental plan available

QRS 101 Home System Description

Featured on the Dr. Oz TV show: READ MORE or WATCH THE VIDEO

The QRS® 101 PEMF Home System comes complete with a controller, a full body mat, a smaller pad for local applications, and a convenient carrying case. Additional applicators and accessories are available. Use the QRS® just 8 minutes twice a day in the comfort of your own home. It can even be programmed for use while sleeping. Learn more here.

QRS® is internationally patented and is licensed as a medical device all over Europe. QRS® has been endorsed by Dr. R. O. Becker and Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling. The QRS® 101 increases cell metabolism and therefore improves the cell membrane potential, providing a higher "osmotic" pull for the absorption of minerals and nutrients into the cell. Circulation of blood in tissues is increased. A higher blood-and oxygen-penetration reduces fermentation processes and acid excesses, relaxes tense hardened muscles, strengthens the immune system, and promotes removal of toxic agents from out of the cell.

Why the QRS is the Best

1) ORIGINAL: QRS is the original PEMF mat system first produced in 1990. The foundations for the QRS go back to the research work of Dr. Robert O. Becker using DC fields to regenerate tissue. The product is presently manufactured by Siemens Medical in Germany.

2) SIGNAL: The e-function QRS signal sets the QRS apart from the rest. The e-function QRS signal is so effective that 57 lawsuits have been fought to defend the patented QRS signal.

3) FREQUENCY RANGE: The QRS signal ranges from .1Hz to 10,000Hz. The competition only reaches 33Hz.

4) RESEARCH: There are over 200 research papers using the QRS device.

5) ADVANCED FUNCTIONALTIY: The QRS 101 Homesystem has the ability to program 2 sessions that can come on every 24 hours using any applicator that you choose. This means that a total of 3 hours of treatment could be achieved while you are sleeping. With an additional full body QRS mat, only one QRS device is needed for two people – this advanced capability is not found in competing devices.

6) APPLICATORS: In 2000, QRS began using advanced "magnetic mesh" technology instead of the antiquated magnetic coil technology used by our competitors. Using coils between foam makes for a thicker pad that is heavier, bulkier, less pliable, and less durable. Snap a single wire anywhere in the coil and the pad or mat becomes worthless. Wire coils are not bendable or foldable. The QRS "magnetic mesh" technology addresses all of these concerns.

7) QRS ADVANCED CONNECTORS: The QRS is the only device of its kind to use a 15 pin parallel type connector. The 15 pin connector carries far more information than the "single pin" 1/4 inch connectors used by all of the competition. You can plug in any of the 5 QRS applicators (Magnetic Therapy Glasses/Goggles, Magnetic Therapy Headphones, Pen/Probe, Pillow Pad, and Full Body Mat) into any port on the QRS controller because the QRS recognizes each applicator individually.

8) PROGRAMMING: The QRS is very smart. Programming a particular applicator to turn on at a specific time every 24 hours is enabled by the QRS Advanced Connector.

9) THE EASIEST SYSTEM TO USE: The QRS is by far the easiest system to use. There are only 3 steps to get going. Choose your Waveform – Choose your Time – Choose the Intensity. If you are using the same settings as your previous session, there is only 1 step – Press Start.

10) BEST WARRANTY: 5 year manufacturer's warranty. You can even try before you buy with a 6 month rental program.

QRS-101 Rental Program

The QRS® 101 Home System is now available to try before you buy! The cost is $500 USD which covers a 6 month rental period, plus a security deposit of $1,000.00. If you decide to keep the unit, both the rental fee and the security deposit will be applied towards the price of the machine and the balance will be charged to your credit card. If you decide to return the unit, the security deposit will be refunded to you. This is a great opportunity to give the QRS® 101 a test drive so you can see the results for yourself in your own home!

QRS-101 Options and Accessories

Magnetic Field Therapy Pen Applicator ($295.00)
The Magnetic Field Pen Applicator is designed to be used in combination with the QRS-101 Home System to treat very specific areas of the body, such as the eyes, ears, and meridian points in the body. The Magnetic Field Pen generates a deep action cone-shaped magnetic field from a point source, with the highest field intensity at the tip of the pen. Can be used for localized pain and application at small joints. Also great for acupuncture point application, especially appropriate for children and adults with a fear of needles.
Pen Applicator Stand ($249.00)
The Professional Magnetic Field Pen Stand has a large diameter base; locking, rollerblade-style wheels; a low center of gravity for excellent stability. The height can be adjusted from 50" to 85" with a smooth friction-free clutch. The boom telescopes from 30" to 70" with a smooth friction-free clutch arm extension. Includes a unique, easy-adjust 5.5 lb. counterweight for stable Magnetic Field Pen placement.The threaded shaft and boom sections provide quick set up and tear down for easy transport and storage.
Magnetic Field Therapy Eyewear ($495.00)
The QRS Magnetic Field Goggles produce a magnetic field for the eyes and forehead area. This is not a light and sound system to help you relax. This is a full blown magnetic system to help the optic area.
Magnetic Field Therapy Headphones ($495.00)
The QRS Magnetic Field Therapy Headphones is applicable for tinnitus and other ear conditions.
Additional 5 Year Warranty ($500.00)
Upgrade from the basic 5 year warranty to a full 10 year warranty.

Health Topic Library

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy provides a safe, easy, non-invasive way to help relieve pain and inflammation. Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of PEMF in healing soft-tissue wounds, suppressing inflammatory responses at the cell membrane level to alleviate pain, and increasing range of motion in arthritis sufferers. PEMF devices use electrical energy to create a series of low frequency magnetic pulses that penetrate every cell, stimulating internal electrical and chemical processes. Used by professional athletes to increase endurance, enhance performance, and speed recovery.

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  1. QRS 101 Home System

    The QRS® 101 PEMF Home System comes complete with a controller, a full body mat, a smaller pad for local applications, and a convenient carrying case. Additional applicators and accessories are available. Use the QRS® just 8 minutes twice a day in the comfort of your own home. It can even be programmed for use while sleeping.

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