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Blood Support Health Package Dietary Supplement
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Blood Support Health Package   new

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  • Dietary Supplement
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Blood Support Health Package Description

Diet and nutrition are very important when you are trying rebuild healthy blood cells. The Blood Support Health Package contains five high quality nutritional supplements designed to be used along with a healthy blood-boosting diet.

The Blood Support Health Package contains the following:
Chlorophyll Max: because of the similarities between chlorophyll and hemin, chlorophyll is able to assimilate into the body and aid in rebuilding blood cells.
Copper Concentrate: copper is an essential nutrient that plays a role in the production of hemoglobin.
Cobalt Concentrate: cobalt is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin B12 (cobalamine), and cobalt's function in the body is essentially the same as vitamin B12, including producing red blood cells.
Essense Health Blend: contains 45 minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients including copper, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.
Iron Concentrate: iron is an essential part of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to the body's tissues. Iron deficiency limits oxygen delivery to cells, resulting in fatigue and anemia. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron from the foods you eat. Vitamin A helps your body use stored iron.

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Package Includes: Chlorophyl Max, Cobalt Concentrate, Copper Concentrate, Iron Concentrate, Essense Health Blend

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