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The Doctor Who Cures Cancer
    The Doctor Who Cures Cancer
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    The Doctor Who Cures Cancer Description

    The story of Emanuel Revici, M.D., his medical breakthroughs, innovative treatments, and struggle for recognition. Forward by Seymour Brenner, M.D. Board Certified Radiation Oncologist.

    The controversial Emanuel Revici, M.D., made the bones grow back in cancer patients, and restored health to AIDS patients as well as drug addicts and alcoholics. His medicines lifted debilitating migraines in as little as 3 minutes. Revici's reward? He was attacked and ostracized by the best. JAMA published false reports about his work. The American Cancer Society blasted him time and again. Meanwhile, word of mouth brought new patients to see him for decades. The smears didn't work, so something more needed to be done. This is the true story of the greatest medical scientist who has ever lived. Find out what happened to Dr. Revici and find out how you can use the principles of his discoveries to reverse even advanced cancers and many other illnesses.

    About the Author:
    William Kelley Eidem spent two years sleeping on a friend's sofa, he was so driven to get "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" researched and written. He read thousands of pages of documents to prepare this book, and traveled thousands of miles, interviewing hundreds of doctors, patients, and attorneys to get the story right.

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