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Bloodroot Cancer Cure Dietary Supplement
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Bloodroot Cancer Cure

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  • ISBN 978-0-9800008-0-1
  • Paperback 104 pages
  • Softcover Cover with Acid-Free Paper
  • Library of Congress Control Number: 2016912066
  • By Kelly Raber, D. SC.

Bloodroot Cancer Cure Description

Bloodroot Cancer Cure: A How-To Guide for Making Bloodroot Capsules & Tincture
This book is filled with scientific research about bloodroot and its application for the human body. According to the author, this science-based evidence demonstrates how the herb bloodroot kills various cancerous cell while simultaneously inhibits surviving expression. Dosage instructions and methods for combating side effects are covered.

1. Bloodroot
2. How to Make Bloodroot Capsules
3. Making Bloodroot Tincture
4. How to Consume Bloodroot
5. Bloodroot Kills Cancer Cells
6. Cancer Resistance
7. Cancer Testing
8. Your Health and Government
9. Testimonials

About the Author:
Cancer. Just the word strikes fear in us. For we all know someone who has had cancer. And we pray that this disease passes over our houses. May I present to you information that can save your life. In this little book, I impart to you information, instructions, and recipes so that you can take your life into your own hands to cure the incurable.

Kelly Raber, D. Sc., holds a doctorate in science and has formulated hundreds of herbal nutraceuticals for numerous aspects of the body. He believed in sharing his knowledge with everyday people so that they could use his formularies to heal themselves the way God had intended. He has written several articles over the years about natural health and has spoken at conferences outside the USA that explored the uses of traditional medicines.

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